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Chef Gustavo Rinkevich

Argentine, Bariloche, and descendant of Russian family,Gustavo passed by renowned restaurants in Europe before coming to live in Brazil. Left the Ama Lur in Ibiza, where he headed the kitchen for five years to assume the Rocka, at the invitation of former business partner and friend. What wouldbe for one season, became the final address of the chef. Alsoin Buzios, Gustavo has your factory of Artesanal Charcuterie, La Choriceria from 2016 and also commanded the 74 Restaurant on the white houses Hotel Boutique, to resolveto dedicate themselves fully to the restaurant of the Brava. beach. Gustavo graduated in business administration at the CENCAP hotel and Gastronomic Institute in Buenos Airesand found your passion for the kitchen during his studies. There were more than ten years venturing by Spanish kitchens, where he learned to combine local flavors withcutting edge techniques. In 2016 met the Chef Mauro Colagreco and was invited to train in your Goat restaurant with two Michelin stars, being the number 4 of the best restaurants in the world. Gustavo moves fluidly between the Brazilian chefs, being called constantly for dinners for four hands.
The team member of several Nations Rocka is IE, cosmopolitan and multilingual. Whether in the kitchen, administration and customer service, the jovial and engaged plurality is present.