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Our cooking has the style of the Chef Gustavo Rinkevich that developed with his experiences in the Mediterranean countries. Knowing how to take advantage of the products of the region, the cuisine of Rocka is made with modernity, Brazilian flavors and tap “praiano”.
Using the hot striking kitchen technique, our menu isprepared according to the seasonality of the ingredients. Inthis way, we guarantee the freshness and flavor of the dishes. We value sustainable fishing. Therefore, purchases are performed in small venues and suppliers with ethical credentials. Every day we select the best ingredients of the region, from the freshest fish, squid of Arraial do Cabo, oysters and other seafood, even the organic vegetables picked from our garden. Everything to create dishes with diversified flavors, healthy and meticulously harmonized.

Winter Menu 2021


  • Codfish croquette with red “biquinho”pepper aioli (3 pcs)
  • Tapioca and coalho cheese cubes with passion fruit sweet chili (3 pcs)
  • Lobster confit with fresh heart of palm and beurre blanc (2 pcs)
  • Moqueca broth with shrimp and seaweed kafta
  • Beet hummus with pickled mini vegetables and pita bread
  • Steamed bread with crispy chicken marinated with yogurt and gochujang pepper sauce (2 pcs)
  • Spanish style “Bravas” potatoes with light garlic foam and spicy sauce


  • Catch of the day ceviche with “aji amarillo” and crunchy Arraial do Cabo squids
  • Octopus carpaccio, pink pepper oil, aioli, celery and green apple vinaigrette
  • Slices of catch of the day escabeche with mussels and octopus, celery root creme, quail egg, caramelized nuts and seasonal pickles
  • Shredded crab gratin with coconut foam and potatoe confit
  • Warm goat cheese salad with gilo in tempura, passion fruit and honey vinaigrette, mixed leaf from our garden
  • Low temperature farm egg with mushrooms “duxelle”, yam foam and confit lemon oil
  • Chicken foie pate with sourdough bread, pickles and homemade jam
  • Homemade cold cuts with brazilian cheeses


  • Tri-color baked potatoes tortellinis with catupiry cheese, Arraial do Cabo squids sautéed with homemade longaniza, white beans and onion broth
  • Catch of the day fillet in herbs croute and Patagonian mushroom rissoto
  • Catch of the day fillet with prawn sauce, organic pack choi, grilled plantain in spices butter and Brazilian nut farofa
  • Grilled octopus with romesco sauce, grilled vegetables and dehydrated olives
  • Crunchy piglet confit, sautéed “canjiquinha” with vegetables, kale and charcuterie sauce with mustard seeds
  • Braised Black Angus cheeks in red wine, baroa potatoe and white chocolate mousseline and spinach souflee
  • Grilled sirloin with “chimichurri”, yuca gratin and Brazilian nut farofa


  • White Belgian chocolate soup with passion fruit ice-cream
  • “Dulce de leche” petit gateau with Belgium chocolate, whisky ice-cream and caramelized nut
  • Caramelized sweet rice with coconut milk, confit mango and cinammon ice-cream
  • Macerated strawberries with basil humid cake, yogurt and pink pepper meringues
  • Pistachio creme brulee with raspberry gel and orange confit
  • Homemade ice-cream tasting (4 flavors)
  • Homemade ice-cream (2 flavors)