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Our cooking has the style of the Chef Gustavo Rinkevich that developed with his experiences in the Mediterranean countries. Knowing how to take advantage of the products of the region, the cuisine of Rocka is made with modernity, Brazilian flavors and tap “praiano”.
Using the hot striking kitchen technique, our menu isprepared according to the seasonality of the ingredients. Inthis way, we guarantee the freshness and flavor of the dishes. We value sustainable fishing. Therefore, purchases are performed in small venues and suppliers with ethical credentials. Every day we select the best ingredients of the region, from the freshest fish, squid of Arraial do Cabo, oysters and other seafood, even the organic vegetables picked from our garden. Everything to create dishes with diversified flavors, healthy and meticulously harmonized.


  • Broth of the day
  • Chicken Foie Pathé with Apricot Jelly, Pickles and Naturally Fermented Bread
  • Burrata with “escalivada” and black Garlic
  • Fish Ceviche with Crunchy Seafood and “Yellow Aji”
  • Low temperature Egg with Yam foam, Mushrooms duxell and Lemon oil
  • Rocka homemade Milk Bread, Purple Onion Jelly, Blue Cheese, confit Tomatos and Rocket
  • Spanish “Bravas” Potatoes with Light Garlic Foam and Spicy Sauce
  • Tapioca and Coalho Cheese with passion fruit sweet Chili
  • Cassava Croquette with Sundried Meat and Spicy Guava
  • Shreaded Crab with Coconut Foam and Potato confit
  • Crispy Squid Salad with Wakame Seaweed and Lemon Vinaigrette
  • Ricotta Culingions with Toasted Pumpkin Cosomme and Licorice
  • Homemade Nero Di Sepia Spaghetti Sautéed with Botarga and Scallop Foam
  • Arraial do Cabo’s squids thai style whit soft Onion sauce and Peanut Rice
  • Catch of the day with Garlic “refrito”, Plantain Puree and Sautéed Vegetables
  • Grilled Baby Chicken with Cumarú, Roasted Pineapple and Barley sautéed with Ricotta, Shitake and Green Vegetables
  • Black Angus Braised Cheek with “Canjiquinha”, Corn and Oriental Flavor Sauce
  • Grilled Sirloin with fried Cassava, Mushroom, 64º Egg and Chimichurri


  • Rice pudding with mango, coconut milk caramel and cinnamon ice cream
  • Lemongrass crème brulée with Rosemary ice cream
  • White chocolat soup with coulis and passion fruit ice cream
  • Quindin with nut foam and raspberry ice cream
  • Texture of belgian chocolate 70% with pitanga foam and gianduja ice cream
  • Homemade ice cream